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The Art of Love and Intimacy

A Partnership in Love and Meditation

A Sacred TANTRA Retreat for Couples with Rahasya and Team

5-31 March 2022, Sangsurya, Byron BayThe Art of Love and Intimacy


Start: Friday 25 March 2022 @ 10:00

End: Thursday 31 March 2022 13:00 with lunch


Sangsurya Retreat Center, Byron Bay Australia


Please contact Rahasya:



The Art of Love and Intimacy, a Partnership in Love and Meditation for Couples is a sacred

exploration into Love, Intimacy & Sex.

It is a gentle re-education in sex & love. Perhaps for some it may be a very first introduction-

into Tantra, into making love a meditation.

We carry many beliefs, ideas, dreams & hopes around sex, adopted from the examples

our parents & peers, movies & books gave us.

One of our main beliefs is we must please and satisfy our partner, so we are under quite a performance pressure.

We are more interested in the goal than in the moment, thus we have become incapable of realizing the depth & presence of each moment. Sex￾ has become a routine, a duty, or a boring activity we want to be over with as quickly as possible.

The Art of Love and Intimacy supports partners to move from habits, expectations & ideas to love, presence and deep sensitivity.

Man & woman live in different polarities, this makes for a natural attraction, in unconsciousness

though, this can lead to difficulties and conflicts in one’s relationship.

In discovering & resting in our respective polarity we find the source within, where in deep receptivity a spontaneous energy can flow between the partners, always fresh, always new, a real source for love. Making love with no goal or expectations allows us to relax and absorb our inner experience, it opens us to deep sensitivity and love.

In ‘The Art of love and intimacy” sacred atmosphere is Created where man & woman

can come together in meditation & love, returning to wholeness and fulfillment.

In this course we will respectfully explore Tantric wisdom & exercises in the group room, lovers will then deepen their experience in privacy.


Including accommodation, full board and course fee

AU$ 5900.00/Couple

A nonrefundable deposit

of AU$ 500.00 per couple

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