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Donate funds to organisations assisting flood victims

If you’d like to help contribute financially to the cause, there are several organisations accepting donations in the name of supporting flood-affected regions.

Here are a few places where you can donate to flood victims:

  • Red Cross Flood Appeal: Donations support emergency evacuation efforts and relief centres as well as support and recovery for impacted communities. You can also donate to the Australian Red Cross directly here.

  • GIVIT: This is a platform where people in affected areas can request items they actually need; you can donate funds to secure these items here. 100% of your donation goes towards these communities.

  • The Salvation Army flood appeal: Per the Salvo’s website “The Salvation Army 2022 Flood Appeal is aiming to raise $10 million which will directly support the estimated 18,000 homes expected to be impacted during these unprecedented floods”. Donate here.

  • Vinnies Flood Appeal: Donations to St Vincent de Paul are directed towards providing food, clothing and essentials and assisting families move back home and replace damaged furniture. Donate here.

  • WIRES: WIRES Rescue Office has allocated staff and volunteers to assist with the care and support of animals in areas impacted by flooding in NSW and QLD. If you’d like to donate to the organisation you can do so here.

  • Foodbank: Foodbank is urgently seeking donations to help support NSW communities with access to food. Per the organisation’s website, “In the past week, Foodbank has distributed 1,500 emergency hampers, 15 pallets of water and 23 pallets of bulk food and essentials”. Donate here if you’d like to help.

Other donation options helping flood victims

If you would like to donate specific needed items you can do that through the GIVIT website. You can pledge to buy or give a requested item here. MMAD is also urging workplaces to compile flood aid packages full of urgently needed items for flood-affected communities.

Alternatively, Lifeblood is urgently seeking blood donations. The Lismore centre is closed, but other locations are open and eager for donors.

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