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Local Musician & Legend - Marc Daley

Marc Daley had his first taste of music listening to the many records his Mother used to play from her great record collection. It is here his appetite for music begun, and it has never stopped. The songs Marc covers are from a time when the likes of Dobie Gray, The Eagles, Max Merritt, America, Pat Flynn and Neil Young dominated record players and drifted up and down the neighbourhoods in South Grafton. Them classic songs from yesteryear provided the foundation and inspired Marc to pick up the six string and copy the songs tweaking his hear from the famous little red Sanyo Stereo System.

Marc Daley - Soloist
Marc Daley - Soloist

Marc is a very successful Soloist with solid bookings all up and down the North Coast, and it’s known by the venue’s he plays that his ability to engage with the people is very rare and it is common knowledge that not only does he sing and play the guitar he also entertains the people and can get the crowd going. His ability to pick/play songs at the right time in true Soloist style is very unique indeed. Marc’s voice and guitar produce a very raw but captivating clear sound and he is a pleasure to watch as he takes you for a stroll down memory lane with a repertoire of classic songs everyone can relate to.

For Bookings please contact Marc on Ph: 0456 399 728

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1 Comment

Andrew McMillan
Andrew McMillan
Nov 15, 2020

Love this man. :)

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