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Featured Company - Monash University

“Do you live in the Northern Rivers Region (NSW) and are interested in cannabis research?

We need you!

Follow this link to express your interest and assess your eligibility:

"Cannabis is hugely diverse plant – it has hundreds of cannabinoids, like CBD and THC. We are running a research study examining how these cannabinoids affect people’s brains, wellness, and mental health differently.

If you’re a regular cannabis smoker, we invite you to join us for 3 assessments across a 5-month period. You will receive reimbursement for your time, the cannabinoid profile of your regular sample and the opportunity to see inside the world-first research.

If you are interested in participating, express your interest by going to the link below or emailing us at"


- Attend 3 online assessments over 5 months.

- Receive a cannabinoid profile of your cannabis.

- Receive up to $170 reimbursement for participating.


Call: 0414202371”

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